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Carlos Chocolate: A Love Story

By Denise Romero Introduction by Dennis Romero: In 1969 my mother Denise, a hairdresser from the San Diego community of Pacific Beach, was kicked out of her parents' home after showing up pregnant by a Mexican man she met in Tijuana, my father Fernando. Here's part of their love story. Denise and Fernando Romero on New Year's Eve 1973. Stuck in this funky little apartment in Tijuana, Mexico. One bedroom, no carpet, no heat, no air conditioning, not even a fan. The floors were once  black and white tile squares on them had been washed too many times with harsh soap and water. The tile was in pieces, chips and veins. The wood under it buckled like a broken down wash board.  Each room had a naked lightbulb on the ceiling. It took standing on a kitchen chair to change the lightbulb. The light bulbs  would hum, glitter and pop when they went out, way too often. The bulb in the living room hung down about three feet from the ceiling on a black frayed cord with tiny